Air Pollution Causes and Effects : The air around us is getting more and more polluted. Find out why and what we can do about it.

Alternative Fuels : A resource list of organizations and website dealing with alternative fuels.

Cause and Effects of Noise Pollution : Investigates adolescent education, neural-effects, sleep, hearing damage, occupational environment, transportation, and physiological effects.

Deforestation : This Forestry Issues paper examines the extent of tropical deforestation in developing countries, its causes and consequences, and the prospects for more sustainable land use alternatives.

Endangered Species : is dedicated to providing all the best endangered species information, links, books, and publications regarding rare and endangered species. This site also includes information about conservation efforts and endangered species organizations that are dedicated to saving and preserving the world’s most endangered wildlife and plant life.

Energy Conservation : The article chronicles the author’s (Peter Miller) attempts to reduce, by 80 percent, his CO2 emissions at home. It is accompanied by an interactive quiz and an interactive guide to reducing CO2 emissions.

Energy Kid’s Page : Online energy education resources include energy activities for kids and materials to help classroom teachers teach about energy.

Environmental Impacts of Oil Exploitation : The environmental impacts that occur where oil is extracted, plus the direct and indirect consequences of oil usage upon society.

Environmental Issues: Nuclear Energy & Nuclear Waste : Nuclear energy is a controversial topic. Proponents call it the most viable, currently available resource for meeting the world’s growing energy needs, while protagonists say that the by-product of nuclear energy—nuclear waste—has created one of the greatest problems of the 20th century. Learn about the environmental and political issues surrounding nuclear energy and nuclear waste, and what’s being done to address them.

Environmental Protection Agency : Official web page for the EPA with news stories and many links to environmental topics to careers within the environmental field.

EPA: Global Warming Kids Site : Describes global warming, greenhouse effect, climate systems and provides links to more information and games to play that explain global warming.

Fuel Cells : This site provides answers to some of the questions you’ve been hearing and reading about hydrogen and fuel cells.

Global Environmental Outlook : Comprehensive overview of the Regional Status and Trends in environmental issues.

Google Earth map of CO2 emissions : On the Google Earth map you can find CO2 emissions by fossil fuel consumption source. For example you can compare how much CO2 airplanes emit compared to the CO2 emitted by automobiles.

International Earth Science Information Network : Official web page for Columbia University Center for International Earth Science.

Intute : Use our interactive world map to quickly move around the world and select regions of interest.

Landfills: Hazardous to the Environment : Covers the basics of landfills and provides links to additional information.

Natural Resources and the Enviroment : Natural Resources & Environment (NRE) is a broad emphasis area with major impact on the quality of our world. CSREES national leadership integrates research, education, and extension expertise to address contemporary environmental and natural resource problems with new approaches that are economically sound and environmentally advantageous.

Natural Resources Research Information Pages : Natural Resources Research Information Pages (NRRIPS) are intended to be an Internet resource guide for researchers, practitioners and students in the natural resources field.

NOAA: Global Warming : This page is based on a brief synopsis of the 2001 report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and the National Research Council’s 2001 report Climate Change Science: An Analysis of Some Key Questions, as well as NCDC’s own data resources.

Nuclear Waste: Storage and Disposal Methods : Covers Nuclear Waste: The Dilemma; The Sources; Current Storage Methods; and Projected Disposal Methods.

Oil Production and Environmental Damage : One problem associated with our dependence on oil is the extremely damaging effects that production, distribution, and use have on the environment. This article provides background information and examples of damage around the world.

Oil Wells Produce More Than Just Oil : Pumping oil and gas out of the ground also produces large volumes of water with undesirable quality known as produced water. Safely disposing of this highly saline water and mitigating the effect of past disposal practices is a national concern for environmental officials, land managers, petroleum companies, and land owners.

Ozone Depletion : On this EPA site you will find information about the science of ozone depletion, information about the regulatory approach to protecting the ozone layer, and information on alternatives to ozone-depleting substances, as well as information on a number of other topics.

Renew America Environmental Success Index :  Web page for the Renewable Energy Policy Project.

The Environmental Information Portal : Earth Trends, the Environmental Information Portal with many comprehensive links and diverse subjects.

The Nature Conservancy : Web page devoted to saving the last great places on Earth. Good links for environmental conservation information.

Wastes : This Web page contains a wealth of information on hazardous waste.

Water Pollution and Society : An overview of water pollution and methods to combat water pollution

Weather Education : This page offers information for children, teens and young adults. Materials range from coloring books, puzzles and games, to lesson plans, brochures, satellite images, and career information for weather related fields, such as meteorology, hydrology and climatology.

World Rainforest Information Portal : A gateway to rainforest information and resources.