Did you know that Lincoln High School Library has library books that you can check out that are written in Spanish.  We have books about photography, science, history, and literature.  We even have novels like Harry Potter and Twilight and are constantly adding titles .  Some of our books are even bilingual offering the reader the opportunity to read the majority of the book in English, but Spanish words or dialog is through out the novel.  These books are located in the Fiction section.   To find our Spanish only books in our collection go to 460 in our non-fiction section or ask Ms. Silva, the librarian to show you where they are.


Finding good websites for English Language Learners can be challenging.  Hopefully, these sites will help you gain lifelong skills.

Activities for ESL Students : Online quizzes and activities for the English learner.

BBC: Learning English : This clever website from the BBC aids people learning English, by offering help in the form of “Words in the News”, “Quizzes”, videos via YouTube, and English “makeovers” in “General and Business English”.  “Words in the News”, “The Teacher”, and “Keep Your English Up to Date” help learners with their “Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation”.  In the “Quizzes” section there are several different types, including “Quiznet”, “Crossword”, “Beat the Keeper”, and “Exam Skills”.  None are so long that learners will get bored or frustrated.

CAPL : Culturally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon, is a project developed by Dr. Michael Shaughnessy at Washington & Jefferson College. The purpose of CAPL is to provide images that demonstrate the true meaning and intention of the words in a language. CAPL currently has collections of images for teaching and learning English (North American), German, French, Chinese, and Spanish. CAPL also has images for Japanese, Russian, and Ukranian. All of the images in the collection are licensed under a Creative Commons license that allows for re-use and manipulation for non-commercial purposes.

Digital Dialects : Digital Dialects has a large selection of educational games and activities for learning 55 different languages. Most of the games are designed to learn and practice the basics of each of the 55 languages listed on the Digital Dialects homepage.

Edufind : More online quizzes and activities for the English learner.

English as a Second Language : Starting point for ESL learners who want to study English online.

English Club : Even more quizzes and activities.

The English Page : Free online English learner lessons.

ESL Basics : This is a site that provides short video vocabulary lessons for beginning and advanced ESL students. For teachers, ESL Basics has a small collection of suggestions and ideas for teaching ESL. ESL Basics is adding new content on a regular basis.

Larry Ferlazzo’s ELL Page : Larry is a high school English and Social Studies teacher in Sacramento who maintains thousands (yes, I do mean thousands) of links organized to assist EL learners and their parents.

Literacy Center : A good website for learning and practicing language basics is Literacy Center which offers games for learning and practicing French, Spanish, German, and English.

Many Things : A myriad of resources for the English learner including listening, speaking and reading activities.

Purdue OWL – ESL : Resource on grammar and mechanics.  There is a section on plagiarism and the ESL writer.

Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab : Contains listening quizzes, vocabulary lessons, learning and life tips and real video conversations.

Repeat After Us : Online readings and texts for listening or reading.

Using English : Online quizzes and activities.

Vocabulix : Provides numerous free tools for learning Spanish, German, or English. Vocabulix can be used to create quizzes or take quizzes online. Vocabulix provides dozens of drills and activities designed to help students learn Spanish, German, or English. The verb conjugation chart can be used on the Vocabulix website. The verb conjugator code is freely available for use in third party blogs, wikis, or websites. As most new language learning websites do, Vocabulix has a social networking option that helps match native speakers with learners.

The English Zone (free items have a sun glass icon)