Seniors, check with Connie Brown in the office or with Mrs. Pierce to get the list of local scholarships.  Be mindful of the due dates. But the Lincoln community has been very generous.  The only way you can win one of the many local scholarship is that you have to apply.


Additional sources of outside scholarships:

Parent’s employers

Professional associations (such as medical, legal, engineering, accounting, etc.)

Community organizations such as Lions, Kiwanis, PTA, Church groups, YMCA, Chamber of Commerce


Most scholarships have deadlines by October.  By March 15, 75% of deadlines have passed

Many scholarships are for students already in college, not just for high school students

Look on the college’s web site for special scholarships that need applications.

Apply for at least 12 scholarships and pay attention to small, local awards


The following is a list of national scholarship search websites.                                       A database of 1.5 million scholarships             Financial aid scholarship search.  Best results.                          Pacific NW scholarship guide.                    Western undergraduate exchange                          Scholarship network for private scholarships                 Links to nursing scholarships                                   Gates Millennium Scholarship Program                           Americorps national service program. Tuition assist                                      NW Education Loan Assoc (also scholarships)                      Selects colleges, fin aid, scholarships                      Selects colleges, fin aid info, scholarships                           Selects colleges, fin aid info, scholarships                                Selects colleges, fin aid info, scholarships               Scholarship search strategy assistance                      Scholarship search                  Scholarship search                          Scholarship search                       Scholarship search                              Scholarship search                              Scholarship search                       Scholarship search                   Scholarship search                       Scholarship search                   Scholarship search