Recruiters visit LHS regularly and will be offering the opportunity for students to take the ASVAB at school.  In the library and at Mrs. Pierce’s office in the old Golden One Office we have pamphlets and books about the different branches.  Students can check out ASVAB for Dummies to study for the ASVAB exam.  This book has been highly recommended by the recruiters to study for the exam.


ROTC Programs:

  • Army ROTC : Scholarships are based on merit and grades, not financial need.  Upon completion you will receive the rank of Second Lieutenant.  The program is located locally at UC Davis and UC Berkeley.  Students at CSU Sacramento can participate at UC Davis.
  • Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) : Is available at over 150 colleges and universities.  Students can begin applying their Junior year of High School for full-ride scholarship.  There are three programs:
    • Navy
    • Marines
    • Nursing
  • US Air Force ROTC: Available at over 1,100 campuses including CSU Sacramento, American River, & Consumnes College.


Military Academies :  Tuition is free, but upon graduation  students must enlist for an agreed upon time (4-8 years)